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International Returns

Sleep-Safe pillows have been developed and improved during 30 years by healthcare professionals: Don Alderton is a pharmacist and Chris Alderton is a health visitor - a Registered Nurse specializing in the care of children -  and it is a family run company centred on healthcare integrity.

Our returns policy for international orders.

Please note our refund policy:

Our aim has always been to provide Sleep-Safe Pillows to as many people with epilepsy as possible, at the lowest price possible.

- So, we don't supply through dealers and retail outlets, and that avoids 'adding in' a resellers profit margin - we can supply at a lower price direct to users and carers.

But refunds increase our costs, by taking up time that would otherwise be used in fulfilling orders - we're doing 'double work', for no income.

- That's because when customers makes a purchase, we're focused on ensuring rapid delivery by processing the transactions as quickly as possible. That involves creating customer profiles, generating invoices and delivery notes, stock picking and packing and booking online postage. All this work has to be wiped clean if an order is cancelled and a refund is requested - and sometimes means we have to pay a penalty for scrapped postal / shipping bookings.

To avoid the costs incurred from making refunds - which affects our ability to keep prices as low as possible - we think it's fair and reasonable to deduct a re-stocking fee of 5% from any refund.

If your order is returned to us: because it has not been collected by you or for whatever reason has been deemed undeliverable by the shipping company, we will refund to your payment card the invoiced product cost minus a re-stocking fee of 5% after we have received your returned order undamaged and in a condition fit for re-sale. Of course, we cannot refund our cost of shipping the order to you.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase:

Please contact us and we will provide you with further instructions on how to initiate your international return.

Sleep-Safe pillows are supplied from the UK and International returns differ from UK domestic returns, so please review the following international returns information:

- The pillow must be in new, unused condition.

- International orders do not qualify for free return shipping.

- Duties and taxes paid at delivery cannot be refunded.

- Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing your return and for receiving a credit from your financial institution.

Once we’ve received the product undamaged, unsoiled and in good condition we’ll make a full refund to your payment card, minus any deductions as described below.

You should return the product to:

Sleep-Safe Products, Avondale House, 70 Tarvin Road, Littleton, Chester CH3 7DF, United Kingdom.

Please use the carton in which the pillow was shipped to you, or a similar carton.

You should ensure that:

- you pack and label in accordance with the requirements of whichever shipper you choose.

- you attach appropriate Customs Labelling - the Customs Label must include the words "RETURNED PRODUCT".

Including these words on the Customs Label is absolutely essential so that we are not charged Import Duty or Sales Tax or other charges when your returned product reaches the UK.

Please Note: It's not sufficient to just mark the package 'Returned Product' - the Customs label must include the words 'Returned Product'.

- the parcel is tracked.

- you pay the shipper the correct amount for shipping the product to the UK.

Once we have received the product undamaged, unsoiled and in good condition we will refund to you the purchase price.

We cannot refund the cost that you incur in returning the product to us.

Please note:

- we will accept delivery of the package if a payment is required from us because incorrect US to UK shipping was paid, however, we will deduct that amount from the refund that we make.

- we will accept delivery of the package if we are required to pay any Import Tax or other charges because the Customs Label didn’t contain the words "RETURNED PRODUCT", however, we will deduct that amount from the refund that we make.

Best wishes,

Don Alderton | Pharmacist | Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows