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The micromesh pillow cases supplied with Sleep-Safe are dye-free and hypoallergenic.
- Fabric dyes may cause
severe allergies which
could trigger seizures
in susceptible people.

24th Anniversary, 1992 - 2016

UK made from UK sourced materials
UK Hand-made in a workshop employing people with disabilities
UK University lab tested for effectiveness
UK Product Safety and Fire Regulations compliant
UK Government Registered Class I Medical Device
Top picture: A bedside light behind the Sleep-Safe pillow shows that what you can See-Through you can Breathe-Through...
Middle picture: An ordinary pillow blocking the nose and mouth
Bottom picture: A Sleep-Safe pillow won't block the nose and mouth (Ripples enlarged to show surface airflow around nose and mouth)
Sleep-Safe are made from
a soft, highly porous material with an open cell structure that allows much greater 'breathability' than ordinary pillows. The gentle, rippled surface of Sleep-Safe pillows provides a profusion of air spaces between the surface of the pillow and the removable micromesh cover.

 How can you protect someone
against  suffocating during seizures
While they're asleep?
- By using Sleep-Safe ®
Anti-Suffocation Pillows!
Protect them while they sleep,
and give yourself peace of mind
 Designed and developed by a UK pharmacist to help
prevent people with epilepsy dying during sleep seizures...
A family company, run by healthcare professionals,
 Focussed on Healthcare Integrity... Read More
NEW: 'Take-Apart' Design Now Available
For personal purchasers, charities and VAT Exempt care homes
For Local Authorities and companies
Leading health & social care providers in the UK, USA and Europe and thousands of people with epilepsy
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…I can't thank you enough for this Sleep-Safe pillow. My son has Aspergers Syndrome and complex severe nocturnal epilepsy. Both my husband and I have been beside ourselves as our son's head buries straight into his pillow during seizures… The service I have received from your company has been exemplary and thank you sincerely for the speed with which my order has been processed… We got the pillow on Monday, my daughter absolutely loves it! It is the first pillow that I have ever allowed her to sleep on … Excellent service. Prompt, great products, and very helpful Excellent - parcel arrived very quickly and also came with lots of useful information about epilepsy...
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