• Made in the UK from UK sourced materials
  • Hand-made in a workshop employing people with disabilities
  • UK Product Safety and Fire Regulations compliant
  • UK Government Registered Class I Medical Device
  • Developed by reputable healthcare professionals, with a lifetime’s experience and expertise within the British National Health Service.
  • A family company, run by healthcare professionals. Focussed on Healthcare integrity.
  • Sleep-Safe Breathability and Airflow surpasses the British Standard: Sleep-Safe breathability has been tested with a 4kg reproduction ‘head’ to simulate adult inspiratory flow (The British Standard test simulates ‘infant’ breathing.
  • UK made from UK sourced materials: no imports from low-wage countries using exploited workers.
  • Sleep-Safe Do contain a soft, highly porous material with an open cell structure that allows much greater ‘breathibility’ than ordinary pillows. The gentle, rippled surface of Safe-Sleep pillows provides a profusion of air spaces between the surface of the pillow and the removable micromesh cover.
  • Sleep-Safe Don’t  contain latex Foam, which can cause allergies, or Memory Foam, which can trp heat and also compress and impede airflow.

Whether you yourself or are a loved one are at risk from seizures, Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows will provide the reassurance and peace of mind you deserve.

Registered as a Class I Medical Device by the UK Government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are safe.

Leading health & social care providers in the UK, USA and Europe and thousands of people with epilepsy already rest assured thanks to SleepSafe anti-suffocation pillows.

Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows & Non Woven Disposable Pillowcases

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How can you protect someone against suffocating during seizures while they’re asleep?

Sleep-Safe pillow
A bedside light behind the Sleep-Safe pillow shows that "What you can See-Through you can Breathe-Through".
An ordinary pillow blocking the nose and mouth.
An ordinary pillow blocking the nose and mouth.
A Sleep-Safe pillow won’t block the nose and mouth.
A Sleep-Safe pillow won’t block the nose and mouth. (Ripples enlarged to show surface airflow around nose and mouth).

New, improved design now available: ‘What you can see through, you can breath through’