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The benefits of Sleep-Safe anti-suffocation pillows go beyond just helping to prevent the death or injury of the person suffering from seizures.

From personal experience, we know all too well that the fear of suffocation of a loved one can lead to disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety and depression, and a profound deterioration in the quality of life for the entire family.

Sometimes, there certainly is a place for electronic alarms and monitors – but these demand action by carers when activated and are expected to work with 100% certainty for 100% of the time. However, that kind of excellence is usually found only in specialised electro-medical monitoring equipment used in hospital settings.

Sleep-Safe pillows don’t require carer intervention in order to ‘work properly’ – they are designed to help prevent fatal suffocation events during sleep seizures occurring in domestic or care settings where 24-hour continuous monitoring is not entirely practical.

This means that Sleep-Safe pillows also help to reduce greatly the “carer anxiety” of sleep seizures – the fear of suffocation. This helps to put carers and patients back in control of their lives by relieving a significant cause of family stress and making management of the condition which is causing the seizures much less demanding. Not just for epilepsy, but also for the management of seizures caused by most conditions that disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. These include the ongoing effects of congenital and developmental conditions such as Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder, also acquired brain injury following falls, vehicle accidents and assaults and the aftermath of meningitis, stroke and brain tumor.

  • UK made from UK sourced materials
  • UK University lab tested for effectiveness
  • UK Product Safety and Fire Regulations compliant
  • UK Government Registered Class I Medical Device
  • Produced in a workshop operated by, and dedicated exclusively to, supplying products and services for people with disabilities

Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows & Non Woven Disposable Pillowcases

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