Our Refund Policy

Sleep-Safe pillows have been developed and improved over nearly 30 years by healthcare professionals: Don Alderton is a pharmacist and Chris Alderton is a health visitor, and it is a family run company centred on healthcare integrity.

Our aim has always been to provide Sleep-Safe Pillows to as many people with epilepsy as possible, at the lowest price possible.

- So, we don't supply through dealers and retail outlets, and that avoids 'adding in' a resellers profit margin - we supply at a lower price direct to users and carers.

But refunds increase our costs, by taking up time that would otherwise be used in fulfilling orders - we're doing 'double work', for no income.

- That's because when customers makes a purchase, we try to ensure rapid delivery by processing the transactions as quickly into our system. That involves creating customer profiles, generating invoices and delivery notes, stock picking and packing and booking online postage. All this work has to be cancelled if a refund is requested and sometimes involves us having to pay a surcharge for missed postal / shipping bookings.

To avoid the costs incurred from making refunds - which affects our ability to keep prices as low as possible - we think it's fair and reasonable to deduct a re-stocking fee of 5% from any refund.

Best wishes,

Don Alderton | Pharmacist | Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows