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Our Refund Policy

Sleep-Safe pillows have been developed and improved for over 30 years by healthcare professionals: Don Alderton is a pharmacist and Chris Alderton is a health visitor, and it is a family run company centred on healthcare integrity.

Our aim has always been to provide Sleep-Safe Pillows to as many people with epilepsy as possible, at the lowest price possible.

- So, we don't supply through dealers and retail outlets, which avoids 'adding in' a resellers profit margin - we supply at the lowest price possible direct to users and carers.

However - refunds increase our costs by taking up time that would otherwise be used in fulfilling orders - it's unpaid 'double work'.

- That's because when a purchase is made we try to ensure rapid delivery by processing the transactions as quickly as possible into our system. That involves creating a customer profile, generating an invoice and delivery note(s), stock picking and packing and booking online postage. All this work has to be cancelled if a refund is requested and sometimes involves us having to pay a surcharge for missed postal / shipping bookings.

- And much of that work has to be repeated if an unwanted product that has already been delivered to a customer is returned.

To avoid passing-on the costs incurred from making refunds to other buyers - which affects our ability to keep prices as low as possible - we think it's fair and reasonable to deduct a re-stocking fee of 5% of the product price from any refund. We will refund to you the original cost of posting the order to you, however, we do not offer a 'free return' if the order is returned to us due to a 'change of mind'.

Also - if the refund is requested and made before the order has been shipped,  a deduction of the 5% Transaction Fee will be made, because that Fee is not refunded to us by the card processor when we make a refund to the purchaser.

Once we’ve received the pillows - including the booklets and leaflets - undamaged, unsoiled and in reusable condition we’ll make a refund to your payment card.

Best wishes,

Don Alderton | Pharmacist | Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows