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University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity

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If you or the person you care for is being treated for epilepsy, you can purchase Free of VAT. After you have placed your order a VAT Exemption Declaration will be emailed to you, and you MUST reply to this before your order can be processed. This is a requirement of the VAT Authorities. 

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Protects them while they sleep, and gives you peace of mind… and rest assured

One sleep pillow

One Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillow

22% DISCOUNT for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity Charity website visitors

£49.95 £39.95

Two sleep pillows

Two Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows

22% DISCOUNT for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity Charity Charity website visitors

£90.86 £79.90

Sleep-Safe is the only fully dynamic, cross-section breathable anti suffocation pillow thanks to four key design features:

  • Breathability
  • Rippled Surface
  • Aero-Matrix Chamber
  • Thru-Channelling

CLICK HERE to read more about these features

Sleep-Safe are often ordered in pairs: one in use, one in the wash, and changed every couple of weeks or so. This has been shown to ensure maximum hygienic use and to prolong the effective life of Sleep-Safe.

Sleep-Safe Several-Use Non-Woven Disposable Pillow Cases

Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows

These pillow cases can each be used a number of times to reduce the frequency of laundering of Sleep-Safe pillows if dribbling, excessive salivation or skin shedding is a problem, or in respite settings where caring for successive short-term users demands frequent bedding changes. The cases are made from soft, flame retardant non-woven material which is comfortable and hygienic, and laboratory tests have demonstrated negligible effect on the anti-suffocation properties of Sleep-Safe pillows.

Pack of 50 | 22% Discount

Pack of 50

£29.95 £24.41

Pillow cases
Pillow cases