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Scroll Down to purchase VAT Free or VAT Included, the following information is important:

HMRC Regulations state that “VAT Free supplies can be made only to named individuals purchasing for their own personal or domestic use, or to charities purchasing on behalf of a person for that person's personal or domestic use." Orders from non-charities MUST be VAT Included.

Registered Charities: Please state the Registered Charity Number after the Resident's Name so that we can send a personal invoice.

After you have placed your order a VAT Exemption Declaration will be emailed to you, and you MUST reply to this before your order can be processed. Just reply to this email so that everything that appears in it is sent back with your reply YOU DON’T NEED TO TYPE IN ANY DETAILS. (This Declaration is required by HMRC).

Buy Now VAT Free Buy Now Vat Included


All other persons and organisations must purchase VAT Included.