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References for Care Managers

Scroll down to the download link for a brochure giving full information about Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Epilepsy Pillows. Also, there are brief professional profiles of Don and Chris Alderton – Pharmacist and Health Visitor – who invented the Sleep-Safe Pillow.

  1. Despite medications, one-third of people with epilepsy continue to have seizures
  2. Evidence for the Effectiveness of Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows - Download booklet below and see page 5
  3. Socioeconomic variation in incidence of epilepsy
  4. Hospital Episode Statistics On...Epilepsy
  5. National Audit of Seizure management in Hospitals
  6. Save the salary of an epilepsy nurse or equivalent grade health/social care worker by preventing emergency hospital admissions - Search on Cost Savings

If you wish, please share the link with your colleagues and with anyone who is affected by epilepsy.

Booklet for Epilepsy Nurse Specialists

Download brochure