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A family company, run by healthcare professionals, focussed on Healthcare Integrity.

‘Financial Lockdown’ has followed ‘social lockdown’ for many people and also care home providers. But… Sleep-Safe epilepsy safety pillows are an essential safety product for many people with seizure medical conditions. We’re doing our best to help: until July 19th there will be an across-the-board 20% discount on Sleep-Safe Epilepsy Safety Pillows.

How we’re managing the Covid19 Crisis… Sleep-Safe Pillows are produced in the UK from UK sourced materials. To reduce infection risk to our colleagues, products and customers’ orders… In January we produced a multitude of ‘pre-packs’ so that only a Delivery Note and a Shipping Label are required to complete the pack for shipping. Pre-packs have been shared among several colleagues who are ‘self-isolating’. (Me? - I’ve been isolating with my wife and my daughter, who’s just completed post-mastectomy chemotherapy so is ‘at high risk’). Each colleague lives within a mile or so of a Royal Mail / FedEx / UPS shipping office. After receiving orders, Invoices - Delivery Notes - Shipping Labels are generated and emailed to a stock-holding colleague. The colleague simply prints-out the paperwork and adds it to the pre-packs. Orders are batched for shipment on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The shipping offices are observing strict ‘social distancing’: entrance doors are kept open to prevent customer contact with doors and staff are behind screens. Parcels need only to be placed on the bench so no physical contact with surfaces or staff. So far, so good - our colleagues remain well and our orders are ‘virus free’ when they leave us, on the way to you. The WHO and CDC confirm that it's safe to handle and receive packages, as catching the COVID-19 virus from shipping materials is unlikely.