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Currency conversion will take place at the rate prevailing at the time of transaction. Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows designed and developed by a UK pharmacist to help prevent his son dying during sleep seizures.

Sleep-Safe are often ordered in pairs – one in use, one in the wash, and changed every couple of weeks or so. This pattern of use has been shown to ensure maximum hygienic use and to prolong the effective life of Sleep-Safe. To reduce laundering, or if skin shedding or dribbling is a problem, or the pillow is being used in a respite setting by successive short-term users,

then Sleep-Safe several-use disposable pillow cases may be used to reduce considerably the amount of laundering necessary in these situations. Do not use additional pillow cases made from close weave fabrics, rubber or polythene. These materials will greatly reduce the anti-suffocation benefits of the Sleep-Safe pillow.

Sleep-Safe Several-Use Non-Woven Disposable Pillow Cases

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These pillow cases can each be used a number of times to reduce the frequency of laundering of Sleep-Safe pillows if dribbling, excessive salivation or skin shedding is a problem, or in respite settings where caring for successive short-term users demands frequent bedding changes. The cases are made from soft, flame retardant non-woven material which is comfortable and hygienic, and laboratory tests have demonstrated negligible effect on the anti-suffocation properties of Sleep-Safe pillows.

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